Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Contest News

Voting is now open until September 15 for our Summer 2008 Short Story Contest. Our five finalists will now be submitted to the general public for voting, and the winners will receive cash prizes based upon the number of votes they attract by their work. Many of the stories were quite wonderful, and a great deal of effort and angst was applied in choosing the winners. We have strived to put originality as the gold standard of our choices. By its nature our judgment is purely subjective. Our advice to those who have submitted is to stay with it. Not being among our top five is by no means a rejection. Thank you so much for submitting your work. We look forward to hearing from you again when we launch our next contest. Our motivation in creating our contests is to enhance and promote the art of the short story form and to encourage other writers to embrace it.


Yellow Eyed Tim Gloss said...

None of these stories were original. Saying originality was your standard is a lie.

None of the stories were funny, to say this is a funny story contest is a lie as well.

It is disheartening as a writer because, you, someone who advocates for the creative injustices in the Publishing World, only prove that no matter who is in charge mediocrity always prevails.

But I suppose I shouldn't expect anything less, I am sure mediocrity was brand new when you were a kid.

I shouldn't expect anything less from THE WORLD FAMOUS, Mr. Adler.

This is just how I feel. Losing sucks, but losing sucks more when you feel that the winner is sub par.

And writing is medicinal as you may know.

Warren Adler said...

I welcome all points of view, whatever the motivation.