Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Fiona Fiasco!

My latest Hollywood war story concerns the licensing of my mystery character, Fiona FitzGerald, the heroine of my six mystery books, to Lifetime Television for a potential one-hour series.

Tottering between hope and reluctance, I allowed my agent to proceed with the deal. I was partnered with a producer who was supposed to shepherd the development through the network minefield leading to a pilot from which the network would judge whether to move forward to a regular series.

As always, I assumed that as the creator of the material, my input would be solicited and respected as the project moved forward. It is, of course, a weakness in my character to be addicted with such a delusion since I know from bitter experience that once my work falls into the hands of the Hollywood crowd it disappears into a mist of creative confusion and imaginative paralysis.

Fiona's character and the geography of her world was so clearly defined in my six books that I could not remotely contemplate any but the most minor changes.

Alas, it was not be. No sooner had I granted the license than I was exiled to oblivion...

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